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Areas of Expertise

Civil and Consumer

AJ Law provides legal assistance in contract drafting, including adhesion, and all other documents of interest to clients involving the most diverse topics of civil life and consumer relations.

In addition to the advisory role, the firm has marked litigation representing clients in civil and consumer matters through judicial and administrative spheres throughout Brazil, observing the Civil Code, the Civil Procedure Code (CPC) and the Consumer Defense Code (CDC)

AJ Law is also prepared to represent clients in diffuse lawsuits deals, collective or homogeneous individual rights, such as Consumer Law public civil actions.

The firm is also dedicated to the phase prior to litigation in these areas, to mark its clients’ position seeking alternative ways of conflict solving, such as mediation.

To carry out its activities in various locations, AJ Law has a wide network of law firms that work as specialized correspondents, allowing it to respond promptly and efficiently to demands throughout the country.