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Areas of Expertise

International Trade and Customs Law

AJ Law Advogados has an experienced team in providing legal services related to international trade, with in-depth knowledge of import and export procedures for goods, in addition to mastering topics such as demurrage, detention, among others.

Through its offices in Brazil and Argentina, AJ Law operates in international trade, mainly in matters related to customs clearance of cargo, guiding, and meeting all sanitary and phytosanitary requirements of Organs competent bodies, such as the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), to obtain licenses and verify technical barriers to import or export, in addition to compliance with tax and fiscal issues related to foreign trade. Therefore, it advises clients on demands related to all Customs Law documents and clearance, with the Simplified Import Declaration or Clearance (DSI), the Import Declaration (DI).

In this area of operation, regulatory customer demands, import/export in need to obtain licenses and authorizations from federal, state or city public administration bodies, such as the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB), state and municipal secretariats of finance and other authorities linked to customs, customs facilities, and their regulations in Brazil

With litigation and pre-litigation expertise, AJ Law is also prepared to represent clients in dispute resolutions in international trade cases or involving customs law.

Demands that involve transport and logistics sector, AJ Law is a recognized reference among the most admired law firms in Brazil, according to the publication Análise Advocacia 500, by Análise Editorial.