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Areas of Expertise

Litigation and Pre-litigation

An ongoing cultural change.

To ensure intelligent legal management, companies have resorted to prepared lawyers to go far beyond defending rights in courts and administrative instances. More and more, skilled professionals are also required conducting negotiations between the parties in all phases of the business relationship to avoid litigation, from contract drafting to circumstances in which interests may eventually conflict.

Following international practices, the Brazilian market has been gradually opening to consensual solutions and pre-litigation negotiations.

AJ Law Advogados has a remarkable experienced team in a variety of areas from Public, Private Law bound to conflicts, such as administrative, tax, civil, commercial, business/corporate, consumer, contractual, labor, among others, acting as consultants also as contentious.

To prevent litigation, AJ Law Advogados’ lawyers and partners are dedicated to keeping clients closely informed about the most sensitive subjects susceptible to controversy. The office thus seeks to solve or minimize rate occurrence of existing problems and risks, mediation and potentially extrajudicial negotiation conflicting issues included.

Nevertheless, AJ Law’s litigation team maintains a strong presence before the Judiciary Branch, including Courts of all instances and Arbitration Chambers, in the uncompromising defense of clients’ interests, offering creative and efficient solutions in complex legal proceedings or via alternative dispute resolution methods.

With a wide and specialized law firms’ network that act as its correspondents in all country regions, allowing AJ Law Advogados to meet its clients demands promptly and efficiently, in any bodies and location.