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Areas of Expertise


AJ Law Advogados’ tax law team provides advisory services, judicial and administrative litigation thus obtaining, within the legal boundaries, to its clients’ tax impact reduction, whether in specific operations or companies’ routine activities.

By providing client-guidance on collecting, preparing legal deliberations, agreements on tax debts between the Federal Revenue of Brazil, other tax authorities and taxpayers, refinancing (Refis), or by questioning the constitutionality or legality of taxes, this action refers to the tax authorities at the municipal, state and federal, tax and social security levels, as well as an assessment of tax benefits.

AJ Law Advogados provides consultancy in relation to direct, indirect, and social security taxes, regarding the interpretation and application of tax legislation in general.
Through its offices in Brazil and Argentina, AJ Law positions itself as a business legal partner for multinationals in Latin America and other regions in all tax matters such as transfer pricing demand-related, foreign trade taxation, double taxation agreements, among other examples.

With a wide and specialized law firms’ network that act as its correspondents in all country regions, allowing AJ Law Advogados to meet its clients demands promptly and efficiently, in any bodies and location.