We are AJ Law.


We are a capable law firm to represent and advise clients on litigation and advisory claims in several laws’ areas. Built from a contemporary vision that it is necessary to reinvent the way legal services are provided, focusing on the client and their needs.

Since our foundation in 2014, we are recognized as one of the most admired law firms according to the Análise Advocacia publication, a main directory for legal evaluation in Brazil.

That year, we started with the support of clients and the initiative of our founding partner. Today, we are more than a dozen professionals serving our clients with excellence to solve complex cases, as true legal business partners.

Exclusive customer service.

Our recognition comes from the characteristic that defines us – personhood.

Each of our clients has exclusive, agile, and diligent treatment.

To deliver high quality services, our partners adhere to the hands-on profile, participating daily in case resolution and customer relations, not only in service but also in legal content production.

We are driven by the awareness that lawyers must maintain a close relationship with their clients. To understand them in terms of their own philosophy, culture, objectives, and ways of acting upon their respective markets.

This proximity decisively contributes to the excellency of our legal services.

A Latin America business partner.

Aware of the complexities inherent in the activities of those who invest in Brazil, we seek to provide creative and innovative solutions to clients. The purpose is always to minimize risks and increase results.

Through our offices in São Paulo and Buenos Aires, with qualified lawyers in Brazilian and Argentinian law, we guarantee proficient services for national and multinational clients in Latin America, including financial institutions, payment schemes, arrangements, retail companies, real sector, and services such as transportation, logistics and others.

Summed experiences

The firm brings together professionals with vast and varied experience, acquired both in recognized law firms, also in large companies and financial institutions. The professionals’ previous experience as clients helps the firm to fully understand the demands and requirements of the companies, enabling the team to practice law with the attention and agility expected from a personalized type of service.

A horizontal office

We care about people. A healthy work environment and horizontal relationships are assets that we preserve wholeheartedness. Each of us know that this is the essence of the office and the recipe for its sustainable growth.

We feel that the lawyer needs to learn the idioms and the core businesses of each client, in addition to getting along well with colleagues. We disseminate these values ​​every day among our teams, strengthening our profile as a comprehensive office. And this is reflected in our technical content we produce.

Our professionals have direct access to partners and career development opportunities. We believe in the leading role of women in business, law, and society. We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment to attract and retain top talent in the market in the legal and administrative areas.

Areas of Expertise